Strategic intent

A Freight Railway that satisfies the needs of our Customers

Transnet Freight Railís strategic plan aligns with Transnetís intent and vision. This includes a focus on key segments of the market disposal of non-core and non-freight businesses in order to drive future growth, enhanced accountability, governance and operational efficiency.

The company has further redefined its strategic intent to reflect a renewed focus on customers. This will be achieved by reducing the cost of doing business, building capacity, operating safely and improving efficiency. Our goal is to develop skills, while building a culture focused on customer service excellence:

The companyís growth vision relies heavily on optimising rail corridors in collaboration with its customers. This will result in winning back market share from road haulers, while integrating with the countryís overall logistics chain.

In order to achieve high levels of efficiency, Transnet Freight Rail will inject capital to the value of R35bn by 2012.

Ninety percent of the expenditure is allocated to the rehabilitation and renewal program for locomotives, wagons and infrastructure.