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RFP 1030 72855 Tenders Documents

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RFP 1030 72855


Tender no. Documents Contact person
1030 72855
Transnet Freight Rail a Division of Transnet Ltd. invites all interested parties to respond to a request for proposal (RFP) Resource Scheduling System for Transnet Freight Rail Coal Traffic.

Closing Date: 2009-04-07

   RFP NUMBER 1030 72855

    Adobe PDF - 788 KB

   Module-US7 [Goods]
    Adobe PDF - 298 KB
The US7 form is for the suppliers to be familiar with terms and conditions. Suppliers can either make copies and return it or keep it. Suppliers wonít be disqualified if they donít return the US7 document.

   RFP 1030 72855 Briefing Attendance Register
    Adobe PDF - 53 KB

   RFP 1030 72855 Briefing
    Adobe PDF - 87 KB

   COSMO Overview v3
    Adobe PDF - 316 KB

   Questions & Answers 1
    Adobe PDF - 249 KB

   Questions & Answers 2
    Adobe PDF - 49 KB

   Questions & Answers 3
    Adobe PDF - 28 KB

   RFP 1030 72855: Responses to further questions
    Txt doc - 28 KB

   RFP 1030 72855: Questions & Answers +
    Resource Scheduling System Examples

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Mr. Mark Snyders
011 773 8907

Mr. Lebotse Menoe
011 773 7240

[Commercial] Ms. Gladys Cele
011 308 1462