The chemicals industry contributes more than R12 billion per year to the South African economy.

The industry is highly complex and diversified, ranging from low unit value commodity or bulk chemicals, to high value but small volume, complex and highly specialised compounds. The industry is at an important point, with natural gas from Moçambique providing a significant new feedstock.

Sasol is the leader in this industry, with the oil-from coal project, which led to the unique technological capabilities being developed. The outlook for the industry is to meet the globalisation challenge by becoming globally competitive and produce more chemicals for export.

Our service

Transnet Freight Rail offers unique and specialised total logistical services to major players in the chemicals industry. Dedicated chemical freight trains run on a regular schedule, with the service determined by the cost-efficiency of the specific freight logistics solution.

We offer a total supply chain solution to all our customers. If you require a comprehensive logistics solution, we shall contract partners (warehousing, short road haul etc.) on your behalf. You need to deal with only one service provider, Transnet Freight Rail. We partner with customers to optimise the use of our specialised wagon fleet to free up capacity, as in the case of the following projects:

A variety of wagons are used to transport these commodities, including open wagons, flat trucks and tankers that are highly specialised to transport hazardous and non-hazardous commodities.


A wide variety of chemical products in gaseous, granular or liquid form, are well suited to rail transport:

Our Customers

Our customers in this sector include:

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