Careers in Transnet Freight Rail

We regret that we currently have no vacant positions.

All vacant positions in Transnet Freight Rail are first advertised internally to Transnet Freight Rail and Transnet permanent employees.

Should applicants with the required competencies not be available from these resources and it is regarded in Transnet Freight Rail's best interest to do so, vacant positions are advertised in the external media.

Transnet does not currently accept unsolicited CVs, but please keep an eye on the national media.

When Transnet Freight Rail advertises a position in the print media, the same advertisement will also be published here.

Bursary Scheme

We welcome the interest you have shown in Transnet as a prospective future employer and trust that we can through our bursary scheme assist you to make your dreams come true.

Full-time bursaries are awarded annually according to the employment needs of the company. All our full-time students are viewed as potential employees depending on vacancies being available after successfully completing their qualifications.